Welcome to Becky Marmoset Monkey House

Here at becky’s marmoset monkeys house, we breed just the best.  All of our monkeys are well trained, friendly, playful and gets along with other pets so well. Will be coming with a starter kit and all paper work.

The Best Companions

These marmoset monkeys have a cute, soft and cozy look, which will make you fall in love with them. Their friendly nature makes them to be so far the best pets anyone could ever own.

Get In Touch With Us Now To Take One Of These Lovely Babies Home

Interested persons can write to us directly and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Below are some of our available finger monkeys ready to go. Have all received proper health care, well trained and each of them will be coming with a starter kit, inclusive are play toys, monkey clothes, diapers, monkey cereal, paper work and basic care guide. Click on See more and email us as regards to which holds your interest.

If this is going to be your first time owning a finger monkey, click on the Basic Care link below to learn more about their feeding and catering.  We have provided some really helpful info which can be helpful not only to first time owners but people who already own finger monkeys as well. If you have any questions you may visit our Frequently Asked Quetions page (F.A.Q). You can still get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

Our Previous Monkeys



These are Bubu and Mindy. Bubu is the one playing with the rope, mindy was always very calm and often got moody. However when these two play it’s always so cute to watch. They are now in their new homes and doing just great! Check out our available monkeys and get intouch with us to take one of our gorgeous babies home. Click on link below

This is a video of our baby finger monkey eating a bannana. Baby Kim is now in her new home and has already adapted. We get calls sometimes from her new family and they often send us photos and videos of the baby too which is always so adorable to watch. In the video you can see how we carefuly sliced Kim’s food. This makes it easier for her to consume it.  Follow link below to learn more on Finger Monkeys Basic Care.

Things You Should Know

Before purchasing a finger monkey, there are certain things which you must take into consideration. Which will help you make the right decision on which breeder to purchase your finger monkey from and if you are fully ready to own one. Such things include, Health, Temperment, Garantees, Cattery Visits. Healh for instance, has the monkey received all shots, has the monkey made the neccessary visits to the vet and much more. Click on Link Below to read more.


Have a look at what some of the people who got their finger monkeys from us have to say.  Anyone who got their finger monkeys from us were satisfied and all we got was positive feedback. This is simply because we double check anyone who shows interest in our finger monkeys to ensure that they are fully prepared to own one and our finger monkeys be in a good home.

 Finger Monkeys Accessories

Their cute eyes, playful and inquisitive characteristics makes them to be a heart warmer. They’ll make a great pet for kids since you can always dress them up in their beautiful clothing. Their small size makes it easy and stress free to carry them along with you to almost anywhere. Have a look at some of their accesories below. If you hold interest in any, we can link you up with a reliable seller and you make the purchase directly. We Do Not Sell These Items. But believe showing you will already give you a big picture on how owning a finger monkey will look like.


Carriers, Cages and Pouches

Play Toys and Leashes

NOTE: These Items are not for sale, but we can link you up with a reliable supplier. If you purchase your finger monkey from us, you get a discount when buying accessories for your finger monkey. Conact us for more info.


We offer delivery services to interested persons who do not have the time or means to come over for pick up of their marmoset monkeys. A delivery fee will need to be paid and it will vary, depending on your location.

Pick Up

We also accept pickup for those who are within a driving distance and would love to come pickup their baby marmoset monkeys. Pick ups are done on weekends only Sunday to be precise. Also must be done in a public place during the day between 12:00PM and 4:00PM. A partial deposit must be made prior to the date or pickup.


Need help with getting supplies for your marmoset monkey? We got you covered! We can help link you with the best pet stores and you benefit from a discount if you got your finger monkey from us.