About Becky Marmoset Monkey House

We are a nice loving family and have been breeding these marmoset monkeys for over 7 years now. We are certified breeders and have our USDA License. Owning these babies have been a life changing expirience and we would love to share with you the positive impact marmoset monkeys has played in our famiy bringing us closer and making our family bond strong. Granny was the first in the family to own a marmoset monkey. In her old age she was always lonely most of the time and always complained about how sad and depressed she feels most of the time.

Despite her efforts to fill up this void inside of her by getting other pets it just didn’t help out. Untill she finally stumbled upon a marmoset monkey. She invited us all to her house for dinner saying she’ll like to show us the new memeber of the family.¬† All sitted round the dining table we knew that she had adopted a child. Few minutes later she walked into the dining room with the most adorable smile on her face and holding the cutest little thing i had ever seen, her baby marmoset monkey.

This is a true life expirience how owning a marmoset greatly changed granny’s life. No sadness, lonelyness or depression. Right then we knew we needed to get ours. It was from there that we took it upon ourselves to become breeders not neccessarily to make a living off of it but for the love of marmoset monkeys¬† and also to seek to help out other people in getting their marmoset monkeys. So believe me making up your mind to purchase a marmoset monkey is so far one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.