A full grown finger monkey enjoys a diet of both fresh foods and organic foods.  Hence, looking into the food requirements of the finger monkey is considered a very important responsibility should be taken seriously.You have higher odds of enjoying the company of your marmoset monkey for so many years the earlier you put the monkey in a healthy diet. So it is important to be aware that, maintaining a well-balanced food plan is very necessary and significant to successfully raise a healthy and happy finger marmoset monkey. (Check our available monkeys if you are interested in getting a finger monkey)

The diet plan of a finger monkey is not really expensive but is rather time rigorous. This is based on the fact that you need to be very precise and  knowledgeable  with the foods you feed the monkeys with to fulfill their daily nutritional needs. (Learn more about Becky Marmoset Monkeys House).

Diet Of A Pygmy Marmoset Monkey In Captivity

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The finger monkey in captivity has a diet plan which is similar  to that of humans, hence making life easy. Once in a while, you can feed your finger monkey an insect such as grasshoppers, meal worms or crickets. Preservatives as well as Additives are not suitable for their diet.

They need a lot of Vitamin C and D3 and the food which you feed them with is supposed to be rich in these vitamins. Such as boiled meat, fish or boiled eggs, Paw paw, broccoli and Mushroom. You should however consult a local veterinarian if you feel the need to allow your baby to drink vitamins. A single finger marmoset monkey can be fed twice a day. In the morning before 9:00AM and in the Evening before 6:00PM

Certain food needs to be avoided. Such foods include fried foods and junk food, keep the baby away from grapes and chocolate. For instance fried food such as fried meat and fish, bubble gum.

It is also very important to give your baby water at all times of the day. Drinks such as alcoholic drinks or drinks which have gas should not be given to the finger marmoset monkey.

You can feed the baby with dry or canned foods such as mango, bananas and apples. The best source of carbohydrates is cereals, however in the absence of cereals you can feed your finger marmoset monkey with steamed rice.

Finger marmoset monkeys sometimes show a little bit of aggressiveness when they are hungry. Not like they’ll harm anyone but might be reluctant to play and wouldn’t want to be carried. Will just be so moody and a little aggressive. Do not feed your finger marmoset monkey with food which has stayed out for a long period of time. Rotten food is not good for the monkey’s health.

Diet Of A Finger Marmoset Monkey In Natural Habitat

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Finger marmoset monkeys feeds on both plants and animals, that is an omnivorous animals. These marmosets consume a lot of clean water which most of the time is found shoots and flowers. These finger monkeys consume the gum of tree, biting tree bark with their sharp teeth. They drink the sap of the tree too.  The finger marmoset monkeys make use of their lower teeth part to pierce trees as well as gorge into the gum, sap, latex and resin inside.

While in the natural habitat, finger marmoset monkeys have a diet schedule similar to that of a human’s. Larger animals such as snails, frogs or even lizards are mostly consumed by the strongest and bravest species. Calcium is gotten by these marmoset monkeys from the tree gum. Essential vitamins for tiny finger marmosets include D3 and A which is obtained from the sun or plants they eat. These marmoset monkeys also eat nectar and fleshy fruits as well as eggs of small birds. That is if they find any.

The Feeding Of Your Baby Marmoset Monkey

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When it comes to feeding your baby marmoset monkey it takes skill. Be sure to place the baby marmoset monkey on the stomach with the baby’s head tilted a little upwards so as to avoid death and choking. You can feed your baby monkey daily at midday or if you prefer twice daily at morning before 9:00 A.M and also in the evening before 6:00 P.M time. Do not feed the monkey when it is lying down on its backside. Check out our available monkeys   to if you have interest in getting a marmoset monkey. Also feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about them or if you already own a marmot monkey and need help on where to get supplies for you baby. We are always glad to help. Learn more about Becky Marmoset monkeys.